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How To Make Money During A Recession?



Let’s finally talk about it. You hear on the news, your neighbours, your coworkers talking about the incoming recession. And everyone is scared from it. Everyone says save money do this do that, BUT let’s face it. Most of the billionaires in America became what they are today during a recession.

Let’s take a closer look at Jeff Bezos.

If you look at the picture above you will see that Jeff Bezos grew his net worth 5 times from the crash in 2008 to 2011. It’s only 3 years where every average person like you and me were scared and saved our money. What he did? Invested.

Warren Buffet spent over 4 billion dollars during the 2008 crash. He was buying stocks.

Berkshire Hathaway is a company owned by Warren Buffet, you can see that his company’s net worth went only to the upside after the 2008 crash.

Reading all this information may get you thinking, what’s the best option to invest money during this recession?

All the Buffets and Bezos’s made their money in stocks. But don’t you think that the stock time is running out? What do you think about cryptos?

The emerging market made millionaires overnight by profiting 500, 700% on their money invested.

Lets break it down. If you invest in stocks, and the stock has steady 8% growth, on 100$ invested you will get 108$ after a year. The current state of inflation is over 8%… That means that you haven’t made money… Actually you lost some.

But what if you buy a certain crypto project, let’s say Bitcoin. Bitcoin is down 71% from the top. That means that if Bitcoin price reaches the all time highs you get 240% return. Calculate how many years you will need with any stock you will pick…

Recently I found a company that invests in Digital IRAs’ and they are providing huge value. Firstly I was hesitant but after I read what they are doing I transferred my more than 70% of my retirement savings. The return? I am up 9% this year. Just look at the market, everything is down but my investment is 9% in the green.



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